A few little birdies told us....

Last year, three year 9 students, Isabella, Mary-Ellen and Poppy, from Wilderness School in Adelaide got in touch raising their concerns about the plight of the Malleefowl bird. On their recent 3 week camp, they learned about the endangered Malleefowl and reached out to us to see whether we could help!

The Malleefowl, also known as Nganamara in central desert language, are now listed as a Vulnerable species. Land clearing, bushfires, overgrazing by sheep and cattle, and predation by feral cats and foxes all threaten the existence of Malleefowl. Today, they are found in about half of the places where they used to exist.

Together, with your support through the sale of the Malleefowl Socks, we have committed to donate $20,000 to Bush Heritage to help protect and revegetate their habitats, and to keep feral predators in check so their young have a chance of survival.

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