The Mangkaja x Gorman collection was a highly successful, nationally recognised collaboration, presented at DAAFF Country to Couture and the MCA in Sydney in 2019.

The collaboration was instigated by senior cultural leaders of the Fitzroy Valley. The Copyright Agency billed the collaboration as a national benchmark in fashion licensing rights that held the cultural values of Mangkaja artists at its core.

The collection featured ten significant artworks by renowned Mangkaja artists Ngarralja Tommy May, Sonia Kurarra, Lisa Uhl, Nada Rawlins and Daisy Japulija. This was the first collection of this scale, incorporating five Indigenous artists from multiple generations in one collection. The clothing designs were innovative and reflected the values of the artists and styles of the women of the Fitzroy Valley.

Apart from the substantial economic return to the community of Fitzroy Crossing, the project had significant and far reaching impacts for the community, creating new opportunities for community members including engaging youth in modelling and photography professional development programs, which have continued beyond the project.

In addition to artist's fees, Gorman donated $70,000 to Mangkaja Arts youth and community programs.