We say YES to these commitments which are in alignment with the core values Factory X and Gorman are founded upon, and we strive to uphold these values, even throughout these challenging times.

The 6 Commitments:

  1. Support workers’ wages by honouring supplier commitments
  2. Identify and support the workers at greatest risk
  3. Listen to the voices and experience of workers
  4. Ensure workers’ rights and safety are respected
  5. Collaborate with others to protect vulnerable workers
  6. Build back better for workers and the world

In order to create valuable social change, we need to work together. We acknowledge the increased risks which the most vulnerable workers in our supply chains are now facing and have taken action to mitigate this.

We respect and value the contribution of all; our staff, workers, customers and suppliers, all over the globe and continue to maintain close communication with all parties to update, advise and help at all times and as best we can.

The vital importance of their health, wealth, safety and well-being is of great concern to us and is key to our future.

Our Actions to address the 6 Commitments so far include:

  • Committed to payments in full on all completed orders.
  • Not cancelling or discounting any existing orders.
  • Have not cut back and will not place orders that we cannot commit to financially and within agreed terms.
  • Created additional orders where possible to provide employment.
  • Extended and rebalanced delivery dates to aid financial pressure.
  • Continued to utilise all suppliers at a ratio equal to pre-COVID situation.
  • Have opened the window for delivery periods without penalty to suppliers considering uncertainty in shipping times.
  • Continue to monitor living wages with audits into key manufacturers to identify areas of potential financial hardship.
  • Provide a bilingual point of contact for grievances.
  • Operate clear channels of communication between HO, stores, staff, suppliers and workers.
  • Signed up to support the ILO ‘Call to Action’ to work together to establish sustainable systems of social protection for a more just and resilient garment industry.
  • Issued COVID related Health & Safety infographics to stores and factories.
  • Offered Free shipping and advice on importing essential items of PPE to the Victorian Government, during the crisis.
  • Converted a suit making factory (whose demand had slumped) to manufacture masks.
  • Provided 9,000 free PPE (N95) masks to factory staff and manufactured 100,000 non branded masks which are sold without profit.