The memory of much-loved artist Howard Arkley is honoured by The Arkley Prize. Established in 2010 by Arkley’s mother, Gwen and her late partner Frank Lewis. The prize is awarded by an esteemed group of judges to the artist whose work in Not Fair Art Fair is considered to be outstanding. Not Fair is a curated exhibition of emerging, unrepresented and independent artists whose work would not normally be seen at the gallery-centric trade Art Fairs.

NotFair is giving these artists a way to bring their work to the attention of collectors and galleries. The aim of the prize is to acknowledge the skills of an emerging artist and reflect Howard Arkley’s passion as a practitioner and teacher. The recipients to date have included Jake Walker, Simon Finn and Hari Ho, all of whom have gone on to pursue extraordinary careers.

This August 2016, we’re proud to announce gorman will be the sponsor of The Arkley Prize.

Artwork credit:

Isabelle de Kleine, 'Knowing' 2016

Watercolour, Gouache and Acrylic on Paper,

113 x 160cm