Extending the Life of Garments

At Gorman, we believe in the power of sustainability, and that includes extending the life of your favourite garments. Here's how you can join us in making a difference:

  • Invest in Quality: Investing in high-quality pieces means they're worth repairing. Gorman's commitment to craftsmanship ensures that our garments are built to last, making them perfect candidates for repair and reuse.
  • Care for your Garments: You can extend the life of your clothing and reduce the environmental impact of your laundering by cleaning and storing garments following our helpful tips. See the Garment Care section of our website for more details and always check the individual care labels of each design.   
  • Embrace Repair: Instead of tossing out damaged clothing, consider repairing it! Whether it's a small tear, a missing button, or a loose seam, simple repairs can breathe new life into your wardrobe. See our below step-by-step guides to learn how to sew on a missing button, sew a hem, and fix a split seam. Every repair counts! By choosing to repair your clothes instead of replacing them, you're helping to reduce waste and minimize your environmental impact.
  • Sharing Clothes: If you love your clothes but want a fresh look while minimizing your environmental impact, consider organising a temporary clothes swap with friends. The process of swapping is fun in itself and the stories you can later share about the adventures you had in each other’s clothes are a lovely way to connect.  Buying clothes to share with friends and family is also a great way to ensure your Gorman designs get to live a full and useful life.  
  • Rehome Your Clothes: If there does come a time when you are ready to part with your Gorman clothing, consider reselling them or giving them away to a good home. We are often told about how quickly Gorman designs are happily rehomed through online platforms like airrobe, boutique consignment stores and through social media. We encourage you to give your Gorman designs a long life by passing them on to become someone else’s new favourite piece. 

Mending & Alterations Skills

Click here for info on: SEWING ON A BUTTON

Click here for info on: SEWING A HEM

Click here for info on: MENDING A SPLIT SEAM BY HAND

Gorman Alterations

Our Gorman's Fitzroy store in Melbourne offers alterations and repairs to help you keep your favorite pieces looking and fitting their best.  The studio team can assess and quote on any adjustments or repairs you may need to ensure your Gorman garments continue to bring you joy for years to come.

Can't make it to our Fitzroy store? No worries! Check out local repair and alteration stores near you to give your clothes the attention they deserve. Remember, every stitch counts in extending the life of your wardrobe!